Yoga & Meditation

Yoga & Meditation


Yoga and mindfulness activities are our favourite at the Seezeitlodge.

To cater for your unique and personal yoga and meditation needs, in our meditation area on the edge of the forest you will find our wooden decks, which offer perfect spaces of strength for rediscovering both yourself and nature.

Our guided yoga sessions also offer space for an endless variety of yoga experiences. These are part of our weekly Seezeit activity programme.

And unique retreats are, of course, always welcome here!

During your stay you can devote yourself to a personal retreat and enjoy individual sessions alone. Or you can enjoy an extraordinary yoga experience on the water or in the air: SUP Yoga uniquely combines a love for yoga with a passion for water. During aerial yoga sessions, you can experience yoga in a suspended cloth, opening up new perspectives while you are suspended in the air, weightless. Aerial yoga can also be booked as a private session.

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  • Seezeitlodge Hotel & Spa Einblick - Spa
Inspiring, poetic and contemplative. In an idyllic hill-side location, to the south of the sauna complex, you will find our “time space” meditation area. This space represents a sensual invitation from the artist Katharina Bender, to experience time and space in three different ways: the middle way crosses the space like a time-axis. Here, a linear understanding of time is at the fore. Time runs in one direction – everything seems to be measured by time.

The course of life lies on the side of a hill, with steep slopes. Here, wooden decks flow like rafts through a sea of grasses. They slide out of the bank and hover over and around the plants. The whisper of the grasses creates a charming and poetic aesthetic. The decks, created for both sitting and lying, are perfect islands for daydreaming, meditating or practising yoga.

The little forest at the bottom of the valley has been left as nature created it. It evokes the Japanese concept of “forest bathing” and celebrates the poetic art of forest walking: being on the move with an attuned mind and finding your own paths. Perceiving nature with all of its sounds, scents and colours. Those who look carefully will discover interspersed golden Star Thalers as little points of strength. These carry inscriptions such as Happiness, Joy, Friendship, Love or Freedom.

Our yoga style is characterised by fluid movements in unison with breathing. Every yoga session is adapted to suit your personal requirements – from dynamic and strong to soft and regenerative. The muscles are stretched and strengthened, and flexibility is promoted. Additionally, through yoga we increasingly learn how to enter into contact with ourselves and how to find an inner sense of balance.

Tailored to the time of year and the natural elements, in our yoga teaching, Asana, breathing exercises and mindfulness exercises come together – helping you to feel relaxed yet energised at the same time.

We offer yoga as part of our weekly Seezeit activity programme. Anyone can join in, irrespective of age, flexibility and fitness level. Yoga newbies are very welcome.

The meeting point is our Spa reception. Here you will find a registration list. If you would like to eat something before the classes, we would only recommend something small and light, at least an hour before the class begins if possible. Make sure that you drink enough before and after the class.

Choose comfortable, flexible clothing which is easy to wear and allows you to breathe. For the final relaxation phase, you are welcome to bring along a pair of thick socks and a jumper.

Yoga mats and equipment will be made available to you.

If the weather is good, the yoga session will take place outdoors. With larger groups, we hold the sessions in our house on the lake. Make sure you have suitable clothing for the short walk to reach the house.

Please inform your yoga instructor if you have any physical issues that may impact upon your yoga (e.g. slipped disc, knee problems etc.) or if you are pregnant, so that alternative movements can be suggested during the session.

More yoga! Whether Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga, yoga therapy sessions or aerial yoga: if you would like to enjoy additional yoga experiences during your stay, we offer you the opportunity of booking private yoga sessions. These will be tailored to your personal requirements, in coordination with our yoga instructor.

To book a session, please visit our Spa reception.
Price (60 minutes): € 50

At a certain point in her life, when she felt that a change was required, Stefanie Dell found her way into the yoga studio. Thus the qualified business economist and former advertiser discovered her new professional passion, and she has been a yoga instructor since 2011. It’s very important to Stefanie Dell to give back a little of what she herself has learned on her yoga journey so far: the complexity of yoga and its holistic impact. The crux of her teaching is a respectful and loving approach to the self. The instructor, who hails from Saarland, strives to pass on a yoga practice that gives strength: so that we can preserve the natural flow and rhythm of life with curiosity and trust – both on and away from the yoga mat.

– Advanced Yoga Teacher: Vinyasa Yoga
– Yoga therapy: Svastha Yoga of Krishnamacharya Therapy programme and Soboco Institute Cologne
– Yin and Mental Yin Yoga
– Aerial Yoga
– Pre-natal and Post-natal Yoga

Switch your yoga mat for a board! Out on the water, body, mind and breath enter into harmony with each other. The connection with the element of water, its movements and its ripples, all accentuate the practice of yoga on the board. All yoga practices involve breathing and balancing exercises as well as meditation. Letting go, attaining deep relaxation, and boosting stamina and strength are the aims of this unforgettable experience.

– Meeting point: Spa reception
– Duration: 90 minutes I Total: 2 sessions inc. footpath route
– Group size: max. 8 participants
– Theoretical introduction to the subject and to safety on the water
– Knowledge of the basics of yoga is recommended

SUP yoga sessions take place on the Bostalsee on Saturdays if the water conditions are suitable. You can also take part in this guided class if you are new to the board.

To make a booking, simply put your name on our list, which can be found at the Spa reception desk. This is also the meeting point for the class. Choose comfortable clothing that can get wet. If required, wetsuits will be made available to you by our partner.

If you would like to eat something before the classes, we would only recommend something small and light, at least an hour before the class begins if possible. Make sure that you drink enough before and after the class.

Please bring suitable clothing to wear for the footpath to the surfing centre, which takes roughly 10 minutes.

Price for one class including equipment: € 20

Yoga Retreat “C’est la vie”

with Beate Tschirch & Isabel Lasthaus, organized by YOGAdelight
Valid: 17th February – 21st February 2021 (Thursday – Sunday), please visit:

YOGALODGE im Zeichen des keltischen Frühlings

with Stefanie Dell, organized by Seezeitlodge
Valid: 18th March – 22nd March 2021 (Thursday – Monday) please visit:

Yoga Retreat “Kraft und Gelassenheit für Körper und Geist”

with Claudia de Backere, organized by YOGAdelight
Valid: 10th June – 13th June 2021 (Thursday – Sunday), please visit:

YOGALODGE im Zeichen des keltischen Herbstes

with Stefanie Dell, organized by Seezeitlodge
Valid: 23rd September – 26th September 2021 (Thursday – Sunday) please visit:

Hormon-Yoga Retreat “Frau in Balance”

with Martina Bartsch, organized by Martina Bartsch
Valid: 22nd October – 24th October 2021 (Friday – Sunday) please visit:

Ruhe finden. Gelassenheit entwickeln. Kraft schöpfen.

with Daniela Stilke, organized by Daniela Stilke
Valid: 12nd November – 14th November 2021 (Friday – Sunday) please visit: