Seezeit Leaders

At Seezeitlodge, we want to inspire both our guests and our staff. For our team, the lodge is not just a place they go to work and tackle exciting challenges. It’s also community space. This is a place where people laugh, live, plan, and work together. Get to know us a little better in our series “3 questions for…”

Seezeit Leaders
Kathrin & Christian Sersch

Kathrin und Christian Sersch are the welcoming hosts at the Seezeitlodge. As the owners of this establishment, they have given this extraordinary nature resort a personal touch. As a professional hotel manager with a diploma in Media Economy, Kathrin Sersch takes care of the guest-orientated areas. Christian Sersch, a Business Economy graduate, is the contact for numbers and technology.

The Seezeitlodge..?
…is our professional dream and a truly unique place! It combines an ambitious concept with a great team of engaged people. Exciting architecture meets with authentic nature; and living culture with healthy entrepreneurship. This is no conventional hotel, but rather an inspiring world of wellbeing. It offers a treasure-trove of experiences – rich in imagination, spirit and energy.

Favourite travel destination?
Whether you are looking for a southern sense of life, a skiing adventure, or to satiate your wanderlust, we love journeys that enrich us through unique experiences. A little action, along with some peace and quiet, good food and exciting cultures…variety is the spice of life!

Personal rest and recuperation?
This can often be found in happy moments during everyday life or in the brief but conscious breaks that we take now and again. These moments include the time we take to recharge our batteries while immersed in nature, and making time for our friendships. But above all, these are family moments: after all, family is the most beautiful and magical adventure of life, and offers the best change of perspective.

Kilian Rau, hotel director

He recently moved from the Moselle to the Bostalsee and loves every moment of it! After 10 years in a leading position at the Weinromantikhotel Richtershof, Killian is now the hotel director of the Seezeitlodge.

Seezeit Leaders

How were your first few days in Bostalsee?
Really exciting! I was involved in the project long before the hotel opened, so I was able to develop a lot of the details with Karin and Christian Sersch and shape some things myself.

What’s your favourite place in the hotel?
The fireplace is top of the list for me. It’s just so special and atmospheric!

Do you prefer the sun or the snow on holiday?
If I really have to choose, I’ll take the sun. I like to explore, though. Whether I’m in the Canaries, the North Sea or the Dutch coast, I want to se as many places and sites and have as many experiences as possible!

Daniel Schöfisch, Head Chef

Our top man at the stove has already made a name for himself in many places: Daniel Schöfisch completed his studies at the renowned Heidelberg Hotel Management School as a head chef and met with great success early on in competitions both at home and abroad.

He was an active member of the German national team of chefs, and has even served his creations to Pierce Brosnan and Rod Stewart. The native Berliner was most recently Head Chef at The Bank restaurant at the Park Hyatt, Vienna. At the Seezeitlodge, he cooks with a natural and innovative style.

Seezeit Leaders

What is your favourite dish from childhood?
Grandma’s potato pancakes with apple sauce.

Cooking around the globe: which country inspires you?
There are a few! As cuisine varies so much between countries, it’s hard to choose. Every country has its own fascinating cuisine. At the moment, however, I am particularly excited by the cuisine of the Mediterranean, as well as the basics of Nordic cuisine.

Any special tips for cooking à la Schöfisch?
Cooking is a matter of instinct: it’s better to listen to your gut than to pay too much attention to the small-print.

Susan Gierten, Spa Manager

Our Spa Manager had already conquered the world professionally before she was appointed as our Expert for Wellness & Beauty at the Bostalsee. Her successes included the Seychelles, South Africa, Sylt and St. Moritz! This friendly Rhinelander makes expert use of her international experience in leading hotels to ensure that she fills the unique Celtic philosophy of the Seezeit Spa with vitality and personality. Team development, along with the selection of products and treatments, are her priorities.

Seezeit Leaders

Inspiration is…?
Connected to energy, joy and love. You can find life, soul and spirit in life’s little moments – and we encounter these every day. As a visual impression, as a memory, as a significant moment of emotion, which retains a hold over us for a long time to come.

What guarantees a good mood?
Stand-up paddling yoga on the Bostalsee. We offer this experience to our guests from spring onwards – and it can’t be missed! Aside from this:
…long strolls with my husband and our dog
…a good book

Who are your beauty heroes?
All the wonderful members of my Seezeit Spa team! They support my work professionally and inspire me every day.

Stefanie Herrig, Sales Manager

This professional hotel manager was previously a sales executive at the Marriott Hotel in Frankfurt am Main, before the Bostalsee began to call! We are delighted that Stefanie Herrig is now responsible for all areas of our marketing and purchasing, in her leadership position.

She is our talent in communication, organisation and making new contacts. Her wide-reaching experience in the front office, guest services and conference facilities is priceless.

Seezeit Leaders

Typically Seezeitlodge! What is unique about this hotel?
For one thing, the location: hardly anyone expects a hotel like the Seezeitlodge in this place. The delight is therefore all the higher – this was the case for me, when I made my first visit, although we were still in the building phase back then. Aside from that, the overall concept is unique: it is important to me that a hotel has a story, and that this is reflected in its details. Above all, however, our team is what makes the hotel unique: our team is what brings the history of the hotel to life, adding new chapters filled with fun and excitement!

The Frankfurt skyline or sunset over the Bostalsee – which view is the winner?
Both have their charm – for me it depends somewhat on my mood. The location has to be right – in Frankfurt I would chose a rooftop bar, and on the Bostalsee I would choose our sun terrace.

Where is your next dream holiday destination?
My Asian journey of discovery would continue with a tour around Bali. And I would love to stop over in Singapore on the way.

Verena Ludwig, Head of reservations

Verena Ludwig is in charge of current reservations and room occupancy of the hotel. Her responsibilities include dealing with requests by phone, email or via online booking systems. She is also responsible for providing advice to guests in situ and making offers. She combines her good understanding of numbers with good communication skills, and as part of the team, she has an excellent rapport with the other departments.

The enthusiastic head of reservations enjoys her job particularly due to this ability to take a broader view.

Seezeit Leaders

Bungee jumping or yoga?
Yoga. I don’t need any extra thrills!

Do you have a personal Seezeit recommendation for our guests?
Of course, I have plenty of them! First of all, the important thing is to arrive safely! Then you should enjoy a drink while taking in the sun and views from our glorious sun terraces. If it rains, have a browse in our library or pass the time in one of our hanging chairs in the lobby.

What is the best way to disconnect and recharge your batteries?
Alone on a mountain peak. Or, if you’re short on time: with a cup of coffee and a book on one of our loungers in the garden.

Tarlan Bakrine, Front Office & Guest Relation Manager

The outgoing nature of our very cheerful staff member makes her a pleasure to work with at all times. Tarlan Bakrine is responsible for the entire reception area and with her team, she carefully organises the competent service offered to our guests. Born in Saarbrücken, she worked for a while in the United Arab Emirates and now enriches our team with her experience in the luxury hotel sector.

Seezeit Leaders

Which is your favourite room in the Seezeitlodge?
One of our dream-view suits on the second floor! The beautiful view over the lake, the wooden bath tubs integrated into the room, the rain shower and the spacious balcony make these rooms unique for me.

At my house, breakfast means…?
Usually a combination of hearty and sweet food. At the weekend I enjoy making pancakes – with help from my daughter, who loves to mix the various ingredients together.

When I’m not at work…
…I spend a lot of time with my favourite people. I eat out, try new restaurants, read, and do all the things that make me happy and relaxed.

Andreas Wendel, Head Barman

Before this professional hotel manager came to the Bostalsee, Andreas Wendel had gained many years of experience in the 5-star hotels of Kitzbühel and Gstaad. With his love for communication, he is now the charming face behind the bar in our NOX bar.

Here, the native of Rhineland-Palatinate brings traditional mixology into the present with his passion for experimentation. He loves creating his own bitters, infusions and syrups. This is why you will find several truly unique Celtic signature cocktails on our menu.

Seezeit Leaders

Which three favourites would feature in Andreas Wendel’s dream speed rack?
One of my dreams has already been fulfilled! We have created our own gin, and I was lucky enough to be able to contribute to its creation right from the beginning. I believe that our drinks selection reveals a sense of fun and enjoyment, which also characterises life behind our bar. If I could make a wish, I would choose “Havana Club Maximo” rum, “Port Ellen release 8” whiskey and “Remy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl” cognac.

Do you have any role models in the field of bar-tending?
Anyone who is strongly involved with bar-culture, at least in Germany, can’t avoid names like Charles Schumann and Franz Brandl. Over the years, however, I have also been inspired repeatedly by my colleagues and superiors. One of the best things about my job is that there are almost no boundaries to creating your own style.

In my free-time, I…?
Life at the bar involves plenty of action and hustle and bustle. So I enjoy relaxing evenings at home and hanging out with friends and family in a cosy setting. Or: forest walks with my dog! That’s where I usually have my most creative ideas.

Martin Schmitt, Executive Housekeeper

This man truly is a jack of all trades – in the best possible sense! Martin Schmitt is having a huge impact on housekeeping at the Seezeitlodge. After training as a hotel manager in Saarbrücken, his career lead him to work in the luxury hotel sector in major German cities.

His most recent job was as Executive Housekeeper at the Rocco Forte Villa Kennedy in Frankfurt am Main. Now he’s delighted to be returning to Saarland, where his complex range of responsibilities offers a constant challenge: as well as day-to-day operations, he is in charge of long-term staff planning, training, thorough cleaning, renovation work and procurement.

Seezeit Leaders

Housekeeping is cool, because …?
… I find it so interesting organising a department with almost 40 staff of all sorts of different nationalities, not to mention the equally high occupancy rates. The work includes linen and product orders, thorough cleaning and repair work and the identification of new suppliers. Every working day is so varied!

Is “perfect cleanliness” the magic word in the hotel industry?
Absolutely! That’s what we strive for every day and it makes a massive contribution to a fantastic guest experience. Whether it’s in the spa facilities, the restaurant, rooms or back-of-house areas, every day we do our best to ensure our guests and staff feel completely at ease.

And what do you like to do in your spare time?
Relaxing evenings with friends – maybe over a glass of wine or a gin and tonic. I also like to explore the world as much as possible, travel opens up new horizons. And yes, genuinely: I like cleaning at home too!