Sustainability at the Seezeitlodge

At one with nature! Not just a catchphrase at the Seezeitlodge – more like a state of mind!

Right from the moment we began planning and constructing our building, protecting the environment and preserving resources were of the utmost importance to us. Within our normal everyday operations, we make use of regional products wherever possible and do business in an ecologically sound manner.

The great thing about all of this: sustainability is not strenuous and need not cost more or reduce your level of comfort – however, it does demand that we make a conscious effort to search for alternative solutions. We will now outline three of the approaches adopted by each department by way of a brief overview – if you would like to know more, please click for further details.

Sustainability at the Seezeitlodge


Free electric charging stations // Seezeitlodge water drawn from the regional Schwollen source in the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park region // Running water in the rooms only works with a card inserted

No deforestation or land clearance prior to the construction of the Seezeitlodge // Our own lighting design to reduce light emissions // Lights controlled by motion sensors in the public toilets // Hochwald water bottles made from starch-based material to provide refreshment upon departure // Regional & local products in the shop
Sustainability at the Seezeitlodge


Composting system for the conversion of vegetable waste, green waste and coffee grounds into humus for our green areas // Procurement of regional products to promote small-scale producers and as a means by which to take a stand against intensive livestock breeding // Use of more than 65 varieties of herb from our own garden

Natural baking with a 24-hour proofing time (with no additives or raising agents) // Deployment of 10 bee colonies to promote the pollination of the surrounding plants // Game sourced from the neighbouring territories with a view to encouraging short delivery routes // Use of eggs that are “Free Range” or better // Almost exclusive use of MSC-certified fish, no use of species on the red list // Use of compostable palm leaf tableware at events // Rack dishwashers with energy recovery and water conditioning for the pre-rinse cycle // Use of chef’s jackets bearing the Green Choice Label // Make maximum use of all products (e.g. use all cuts of meat)

Sustainability at the Seezeitlodge


Disinfectant from a regional manufacturer: with a virucidal effect (e.g. against coronaviruses), alcohol-free, non-flammable, contains no aldehydes and no tensides, does not irritate the skin, awarded the Derma test “very good” rating // Bedlinen only changed after the 4th night // Water-saving shower head functions with integrated aerators.

Certified organic cosmetics with 100% plant-based essential oils and biodegradable packaging made from cornstarch // Only hand towels that are left on the floor are replaced // Bathrobes to be used for the entire stay (can only be changed subject to a fee) // Use of cleaning agents and washing powders that hold the “Blauer Engel” (Blue Angel) certificate // Cleaning agents bought in large packages // Support for the “Clean the World” non-profit organisation, which aims to recycle leftover soap and put it to good use.

Sustainability at the Seezeitlodge

Building Services

Ventilation systems that are operated exclusively with fresh air. The stale air is extracted and expelled outside. This means that the stale air – in terms of corona aerosols – does not circulate // Use of concrete core activation, which slowly cools or warms the hotel building (in place of air conditioning units in the rooms) // Use of a cogeneration unit, which is gas-powered and generates both electricity and heat

Temperature of the pool maintained using heat from the cogeneration unit / heat recovery cooling unit used to cool the server rooms
Sustainability at the Seezeitlodge

Seminars / Events

Drinks are only served in glass bottles or dispensers // Local and regional suppliers for coffee breaks // waterdrop® bar with sustainable packaging

Pens for the flipcharts and metaplan boards have been awarded the “Blauer Engel” (Blue Angel) certificate

Sustainability at the Seezeitlodge

Restaurant & Bar

Straws made of cornstarch // No individually portioned packaging (e.g. at the breakfast buffet) // Napkins made from fully compostable materials (incl. dyes) // Lunch packs with biodegradable outer packaging

Cocktail stirrers can be re-used multiple times // No use of PET bottles

Sustainability at the Seezeitlodge

Seezeit Spa

Sustainable cosmetics and care lines such as Dr. Joseph – natural products from South Tirol, and Thalgo – active ingredients from the sea // Regionally sourced oils from the oil mill in Oberthal // Sauna infusions produced in-house

Signature treatments (stones, herbal pouches produced in-house) // Recyclable cups in the sauna village // Recyclable ‘Waterdrops’