Our Seezeit spa treasures the ancient Celtic knowledge all around life’s rhythms, seasons, medicinal herbs and plant powers.
Special rituals come about in this way in harmony with nature:
All offers and applications follow four qualities that put your needs into focus.

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    Recharge energy

    Gain a fresh feeling of being alive. Pick up a bounce in your step. Find activating energy for body and soul. Be motivated to put your eye on your goals.

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    Experience clarity

    Experience cleansing and freshness. Find yourself with clear thoughts. Release blocks in your head and in your locomotor system.

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    Find inspiration

    Discover yourself anew. Change your perspectives. Waken your own creativity and leave paths long travelled. Open yourself up to something new.

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    Feel the peace and quiet

    Relax and feel. Centre yourself and feel whole. Bring your spirit and body into harmony.

Spa Behandlungen - Seezeitlodge Hotel & Spa
Spa Behandlungen - Seezeitlodge Hotel & Spa

Our recommendation:

Due to high demand, book your treatments at least 4 weeks before arrival.
However, if you would like to make an appointment spontaneously, please contact us. We keep a waiting list and may be able to offer you an appointment at short notice.

We look forward to receiving your reservations
by phone on 06852-8098-160 or by email:

Spa Packages

A dry peeling vitalises the skin and ensures a clear complexion. The following body-oiling treatment calms and provides intensive care. A dynamic partial body massage helps to release muscle tension and rounds off the energy experience with pleasure.

  • ACTIVATING MUSCLE ENERGY - Body-oiling treatment and partial-body massage

Seezeit: 45 minutes, price: € 79.00
(services cannot be booked separately)

Rediscover the senses. Experience special moments for two. You start with an invigorating body scrub followed by a gentle aromatic massage. Afterwards, you can relax and enjoy the new feeling of well-being with a glass of champagne.


Seezeit: 75 minutes, price: € 129.00 per person
(services cannot be booked separately)


This treatment produces freshness and radiance. After a gentle cleansing and peeling, an intensive massage with highly concentrated active ingredients and a mask, the skin is optimally cared for. For noticeably and visibly radiant skin.
You can choose to have your pampering treatment with products from TEAM DR JOSEPH or THALGO.

Seezeit A: 45 minutes, price: € 85.00
cleansing, exfoliation, massage of face, throat and décolleté, facial mask and final facial skin treatment.

Seezeit B: 75 minutes, price: € 125.00
Cleansing, deep cleansing, eyebrow correction, intensive concentrate, intensive massage of face, neck and décolleté, face mask, hand massage and final care.

Optional extras for your booking:
AHA peeling and intensive concentrate
Price: € 15,00 each.

A deep cleansing facial treatment clarifies your skin texture and refines the pores.
The subsequent mask soothes, moisturises and rebalances your skin.

Seezeit: 45 minutes, price: € 79.00

A deep relaxing eye treatment visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles, minimising shadows and dark circles. The subsequent mask will give your eye area a fresh, dynamic radiance.
(Can also be booked additionally within a facial treatment).

Seezeit: 25 minutes, price: € 39.00
Within the treatment, price € 29.00

Smoothing and plumping. This high-performance treatment refreshes tired skin, gives it luminosity and visibly smooths it. A maritime hyaluron active ingredient complex strengthens your skin.

Seezeit: 75 minutes, price: € 149.00

Strengthening and tightening. A care treatment with silicon and immediately visible results.
This intensive active ingredient complex with modelling mask ensures firmer contours and radiant freshness.

Seezeit: 75 minutes, price: € 149.00

These services can only be booked in conjunction with a facial treatment:

Eyebrow shaping Price: € 15,00
Eyelash or eyebrow tinting Price: € 15,00
Eyelash & eyebrow tinting Price: € 25,00
Depilation face Price: from € 15,00

Cosmetics for Hands and Feet

Hand-care ritual for well-groomed hands. After a soothing exfoliation treatment, your nails will be shaped as desired, your cuticles treated and your nails polished. With a subsequent hand and arm massage, you will have a perfect pampering package with that well-being factor.

Seezeit: 50 minutes, price: € 68.00

The feet take centre stage. With footbath, peeling, nail care and smoothing
of areas of rough skin. A massage of the feet and lower legs completes the application.

Seezeit: 50 minutes, price: € 68.00

Lacquer inside manicure or pedicure, price: € 15,00


An indulgent treatment as a refreshing prelude to the massage. An invigorating aromatic peeling, to activate and support the skin’s metabolism. Choose your individual aroma according to your needs:

Feel peace and quiet with lavender
Recharge energy with orange and lemongrass
Find inspiration with pomegranate
Experience clarity with birch
Seezeit: 20 minutes, price: € 38.00

Wellness ritual

Embark upon a sensory journey to greater serenity. A peeling with essential oils and the fresh scent of lemon to awaken the senses. A gentle massage with a gliding and flowing touch leads you to pleasant tranquillity. The subsequent body wrap deepens your relaxation and makes the pampering experience perfect.

Seezeit: 75 minutes, price: € 129.00


Be carried by the magical power of water. A very special experience where you float in the warm salt water of the floating pool, enjoying a sense of weightlessness.
The water temperature is optimally adapted to that of the body. In this way, muscular tensions can dissolve to promote lasting physical relaxation. Embedded in a pleasantly warm feeling, the mind also finds deep peace.

Seezeit: 60 minutes, price: € 109.00

Floating for two,Seezeit: 60 minutes, Price: € 169,00

Round off your floating experience with an aromatic oil massage. The gentle massage with the indulgent scent of essential oils deepens relaxation and gives fresh energy.

Seezeit: 45 minutes, price: € 89.00

Classic Massages

Touch has a healing effect, increases mental well-being and can have a positive influence on health.

The classic massage relaxes the muscles, releases blockages and promotes deep relaxation.

Seezeit: 45 minutes, price: € 80.00
Seezeit: 75 minutes, price: € 120.00

The loosening and soothing massage provides relief for stressed shoulder and neck muscles and ensures relaxation.

Seezeit: 45 minutes, price: € 80.00

The pressure point massage activates the entire body. It promotes blood circulation and helps to improve the lymph flow. For new vitality and grounding.

Seezeit: 45 minutes, price: € 80.00

Gentle massage strokes stimulate the flow of lymph, which is so important for the immune system. Water retention, swellings and tissue deposits are thus removed. A massage technique that will help your body feel lighter immediately.

Seezeit: 45 minutes, price: € 89.00

Special massages

The combination of full body massage and fascia stretching helps to release tension in the connective tissue and harmonise the body balance. Your overall mobility and well-being are improved.

Seezeit: 45 minutes, price: € 89.00

Recharge your batteries. With a tailor-made approach, this massage ritual promotes relaxation while bringing the body’s energy into balance. Through various treatment methods, we specifically address your needs. Blockages and tensions can be gently released.

Seezeit: 75 minutes, price: € 125.00
Seezeit: 105 minutes, price: € 160.00

A balancing massage with nourishing massage honey, ginger oil, our own honey and a soothing heat pack. The honey is applied to the back, massaged in powerfully with stretching grips and worked deep into the connective tissue using a special tapping technique to stimulate the entire metabolism.

Seezeit: 45 minutes, price: € 89.00

Mothers-to-be have very special requirements. Whether you have neck or back tension,
water retention, or simply want to relax. This pregnancy massage with gentle pressure and strokes can help to achieve more harmony and well-being.

Seezeit: 45 minutes, price: € 89.00

Before or after golf, this massage loosens the entire musculoskeletal system. A mix of our best massage techniques for more vitality and mobility or for the regeneration
of stressed muscles harmonises the body balance and improves the quality of your swing. For unrestrained power – with every stroke.

Seezeit: 45 minutes, price: € 89.00

Primal rituals

A treatment that truly ‘gets under your skin’ – in a positive sense. This harmonious massage of strokes and gentle tapping accompanies you into pleasant relaxation. The aromas of the natural essences and essential oils have an additional positive effect on body and mind, stimulate the metabolism and tone the tissue.

Seezeit: 75 minutes, price: € 125.00

Retreat into tranquillity - an enjoyable switch-off. A massage with warm stones and Celtic stamps
provides deep relaxation and an all-round pleasant feeling. Flowing massage
strokes loosen your muscles. Energy blockages can be released through the targeted application of warm power stones. Cooling and warming stimuli provide you with new energy.

Seezeit: 75 minutes, price: € 125.00

The world is sound and sounds have always had a special effect on us. Listening and feeling are at the forefront of this sounding ritual, during which you will be holistically pampered
by the gentle vibrations of the singing bowls. On a physical level, fine vibrations provide soothing relaxation, while harmonious sounds allow the mind to come to rest. At the same time, the soul is allowed to bathe in the security of sounds. An experience that sensuously transports you into a
harmonious sense of well-being and deep relaxation.

Note: The therapy singing bowls are positioned specifically on the clothed body.

soon in our Seezeit offer

This special ritual has a soothing and relaxing effect on your muscles and nervous system. A combination of gentle massage techniques, the scent of essential oils and mindful hands can release muscular tension and calm the mind. The special wax of the aroma candle gives your skin a velvety feeling.

Seezeit: 45 minutes, price: € 95.00

Deceleration and regeneration through the quiet burning of ear candles. The negative pressure created in the ear results in gentle ear cleansing and pressure equalisation in the nasopharynx. A subsequent facial-head lymphatic drainage supports the removal of waste products and strengthens the entire defence system. Experience traditional Celtic healing art at a high level of relaxation.

Seezeit: 45 minutes, price: € 80.00

Massages for Children

A feel-good massage with natural honey massage oil. A special application that can give your child inner relaxation and strength.

Seezeit: 25 minutes, price: € 35.00

Our tip: Book your treatments well in advance of your arrival - so that we can schedule your desired appointments. Due to the high demand, there are often no more free dates available on site.
By telephone: +49 6852-8098-160 or via email:

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