Architecture and design

The Berlin designers from GRAFT – company of architects respectfully work with the unique natural location of Bostalsee Lake. The impressive building, with its three full floors, was conceived as a continuation from the topography of the cape.
The basic thought behind it? ‘Do not disturb!’ The powers of the location are to remain undisturbed. More than this: the architecture develops from these very powers and heightens them. In this way, an intense connection unfolds between the natural poles of tension on the property: between the forest and the lake, between a sense of being protected and freedom, between earth, water, fire and air. The landscape architects of ernst + partner from Trier take this dramatic script into account in the exterior area. They put the harmonious interplay of the building and free space into focus, thus emphasising the unique character of nature.

With the distinctive hand of Nicolay Design from Stuttgart, the strength of the place also creates an atmospheric quality inside – inspired by relaxation, pleasure, culture and nature. Here the design creates a casual style that is also chic. Cosy, but not customary. Playful and refreshingly different.

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