Fascinating Tenderness – Individual Facial Treatment

Beauty, freshness and a glowing appearance are the results of this individual treatment. After a gentle cleansing and a refreshing exfoliation, your skin will be tended to in line with its needs. Highly concentrated active substance serums, an intensive massage and a special mask will optimally pamper your skin. For noticeably and visibly cared-for skin!

The following beauty rituals can be implemented as desired with TEAM Dr. Joseph or THALGO, at two intensity levels:

Treatment time with 50 minutes includes:
cleansing, exfoliation, eyebrow shaping, active substance serum, massage of face, throat and décolleté, facial mask and final facial skin treatment.

Treatment time with 80 minutes additionally includes:
deep cleansing, eyebrow correction, intensive massage of face, throat and décolleté, special mask, hand massage and touch-over treatment.

Together with you, we select customised applications to nourish your skin from the following focus points:
– calm
– moisturise
– cleanse and clarify
– vitalise
– ageing well

Seezeit: 50 minutes, price: €70.00 
Seezeit: 80 minutes, price: €108.00

Invigorating Balance – Hyaluron Anti-Ageing Facial Care (THALGO)

An exclusive pampering concept for a relaxed skin appearance. This high-performance treatment is characterised by its special intensity as well as holistic skincare results. After cleansing and exfoliating, an active substance complex made up of maritime hyaluron strengthens your skin from the depths of the sea. Your face will appear smooth and firm – as if by magic!

Seezeit: 80 minutes, price: €120.00

Original Radiating Power – Intensive Care with Biodynamic Lifting

The holistic maximum programme according to the TEAM Dr. Joseph method. Experience a truly holistic bioenergetic facial application. After gently preparing your skin and metabolism, the blossom stamp lifting massage will pamper the natural ability of your skin to regulate itself. Well-being, deep relaxation and increased skin vitality are the visible results of this unique harmonising treatment. A special serum and intensive mask sustainably enhance the overall result. High tech from nature for a maximum caring ritual for your skin – a source of inner strength!

Seezeit: 110 minutes, price: €148.00

Pure Power – Facial Treatment for Men

Powerful, close to nature, extremely effective! A power package for men’s skin! Clarity with deep-cleansing exfoliation! Relaxation and care with the revitalising massage and special care! Natural high-tech power for HIM. The result: a strong skin sensation and a dynamic radiance!

Seezeit: 50 minutes, price: € 70.00

Touching Experience – SPA Manicure

This special hand-care ritual will make sure your hands are well looked after. After a soothing exfoliation treatment, your nails will be shaped as desired, your cuticles treated and your nails polished. With a subsequent hand and arm massage, you will have a perfect pampering package with that well-being factor. Just ready to be grabbed!

Seezeit: 50 minutes, price: €68.00

Enchanting Transformation – SPA Pedicure

A feel-good pedicure – a time out for your feet! After a refreshing foot bath and foot exfoliation, we will shape your nails as desired, treat your cuticles and calluses and polish your nails. A subsequent foot massage with moisturising cream will invigorate the musculature and provide intensive care to your skin. Walk down new paths full of energy!

Seezeit: 50 minutes, price: €68.00

Nail polish as part of manicure or pedicure, price: €12.00
Permanent nail polish as part of manicure or pedicure, price: €20.00
Nail polish as an individual booking, price: €17.00
Permanent nail polish as an individual booking, price: €25.00

Shape eyebrows, price: €12.00
Colour eyelashes/eyebrows, price: €12.00
Colour eyelashes and eyebrows, price: €27.00

Upper lip or chin, price: €10.00
Upper lip and chin, price: €12.00
Legs up to the knee, price: €38.00
Legs complete, price: €68.00
Bikini or underarm, price: €38.00
Back, price: €38.00


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