Our Seezeit spa treasures the ancient Celtic knowledge all around life’s rhythms, seasons, medicinal herbs and plant powers. Special rituals come about in this way in harmony with nature: all offers and applications follow four qualities that put your needs into focus. For individual moments of relaxation that are devoted to you personally.

Feel the peace and quiet
Relax and feel. Centre yourself and feel whole. Bring your spirit and body into harmony.

Recharge energy
Gain a fresh feeling of being alive. Pick up a bounce in your step. Find activating energy for body and soul. Be motivated to put your eye on your goals.

Find inspiration
Discover yourself anew. Change your perspectives. Waken your own creativity and leave paths long travelled. Open yourself up to something new.

Experience clarity
Experience cleansing and freshness. Find yourself with clear thoughts. Release blocks in your head and in your locomotor system.