There are places that have a special power. They make us feel: I belong here! For us, the Seezeitlodge is such a place.

In the midst of green. Built close to the water. And for this reason so happy. A free spirit. And yet still grounded. In a setting exposed on a small wooded cape – with a proud view over Bostalsee Lake in St. Wendeler Land. Built between the security of the forest and the vastness of the lake. Linked with regional cultural history.

The Celts settled in the nature park Saar-Hunsrück in the north of the Saarland. The forest still houses the stone witnesses of this culture, the famous Celtic ring wall in Otzenhausen is only a few kilometres away from the hotel. We feel connected and committed to this biography.

Whether wellness, cuisine, architecture or design – ancient knowledge of life rhythms, seasons, natural rituals and medicinal herbs flows as Celtic references into relaxation and enjoyment.
Discover this treasure full of experiences: rich in imagination, spirit and energy.

Our Seezeitlodge – an invitation to inspiration!
Kathrin and Christian Sersch


Whether in terms of design, cuisine or applications in the Seezeit spa – the conceptual origin of the Seezeit lodge is the special place of power in the midst of exceptional nature. It’s the thought behind everything. Everything goes back to it. It only exists in this form here at the Bostalsee. Its unique charisma should be felt holistically:

Peace & leisure

We would like to give you the opportunity to free yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in order to draw new energy from the immediacy of nature. That is why the Seezeit lodge is primarily reserved for hotel guests. Here you will find your own little world with pleasant free space and stimulating inspiration.

Seezeit cuisine

Breakfast, smoothie bar at lunchtime, coffee & cake as well as the evening menu in 3 courses – from early to late you will be accompanied deliciously.

Inclusive services

Whether Wi-Fi or use of the spa. Whether it’s a varied active programme or an electric charging station for your electric car – many small and large details ensure a sense of well-being and a comprehensive wellness and enjoyment experience.