Strengthening Clarity – Body Exfoliation

A pampering application as a refreshing start for what’s to come! An invigorating aroma exfoliation that activates and supports the skin’s metabolism through dynamic massage. Fine aromatic oils care for and pamper your skin. You select your customised aroma completely to your own needs:

Feel peace and quiet with lavender and Rosalina
Recharge energy with orange and lemongrass
Find inspiration with mother of pearl
Experience clarity with birch

Seezeit: 20 minutes, price: €38.00

Vitalising Primary Source – Sea Foam Cleansing Treatment

In a gentle way! A special combination of efficient whole-body exfoliation and intensive care with valuable active substances! For soft and velvety skin – simply marvellous!

Seezeit: 20 minutes, price: €38.00

Our recommendation: Round off the care with one of our soothing massages.

Magic body cult – stimulating leg care ritual

A deep and thorough ritual for your body tissue. An invigorating enzymatic peeling treatment is followed by the application of techniques using cupping glasses and powerful natural products that support and strengthen the tissue metabolism. This special massage creates an unforgettable skin experience with a visible effect.

Seezeit: 50 minutes, price: €70.00

Wellness rituals

Delicate Wrapping

Enjoy soothing warmth and invigorating coolness to relax the body and
relieve tension. The experience starts with a stimulating foot bath.
A body scrub of magnesium, rock and sea salt is massaged in with gentle movements to completely resurface the skin.

A warming oil combining grape seed oil with Laminaria hyperborea (kelp) extract is massaged in with a kneading and stretching motion and combined with cooling massage balls, soothing your body with hot and cold therapy.

Seezeit: 80 minutes, price: €120.00

Animated Composure – Inocéance Care Ritual

A journey through the senses to more composure! Allow yourself to be seduced and experience inner peace and relaxing power. The ritual starts with a cleansing sugar & salt scrub and essential oils. The fresh lemon scent will awaken your senses and care for your skin.

The subsequent gentle massage with flowing massage techniques will bring you to perfect rest. The body compress that follows deepens your relaxation and perfectly completes the overall pampering experience. You will feel well balanced – gently enveloped in fine blossom scents and gentle care. Breathtakingly beautiful!

Seezeit: 80 minutes, price: €120.00


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