Team Dr. Joseph – Nature at the highest level

Team Dr. Joseph is successful internationally and at home in South Tyrol. The feeling of responsibility and the respectful handling of natural resources are both an opportunity and obligation that we share with Team Dr. Joseph. These certified organic cosmetics draw on the wealth and practical knowledge uniting alpine culture with typical regional herbs, natural products and methods.

THALGO – Beauty and health from the sea

THALGO has specialised in the study and research of active maritime cosmetics for the past 50 years. Powerful active substances from the depths of the sea with revolutionary regenerating, moisture-dispensing and invigorating qualities form the basis for unique products and treatments.

PINO – Market leader in the areas of physiotherapy and massage

PINO has its origins in the Black Forest, Germany, where in 1904 it began developing high-quality therapy and care products using traditional knowledge and natural ingredients.
As a partner of Seezeithotel, PINO stands for the implementation of highly effective therapies, for medical indications as well as for medically based wellness applications with outstanding effects.