Celtic stone power – celtic massage

Retreat into a peaceful space for an enjoyable tune-out. This hot stone and
Celtic basalt mushroom massage creates a state of deep relaxation and a pleasant sensation throughout.
Flowing massage techniques relax your muscles, and energy blockages are released through the precision placement of powerful heated stones along your merdians (energy pathways). Alternating cool and warm sensations charge you with new energy and fill you with inner strength.

Seezeit: 80 minutes, price: €110.00

Celtic birch stick massage

For firm skin from head to toe. This extraordinary treatment uses handcrafted
birch massage roller sticks. Tactile and mechanical stimulation in combination with smooth, flowing massage movements promote purification of the tissues, relieve tension, and improve your metabolism. Discover a new skin feeling.

Seezeit: 50 minutes, price: €80.00

Warming Light Energy – Aroma Candle Massage

Soothing and relaxing, this special ritual works on your musculature and your nervous system. A combination of gentle massage technique, the scent of essential oils and attentive hands releases muscular tension and calms the spirit. The special nourishing wax of the aroma candles lends your skin a soft and velvety feel!

Seezeit: 50 minutes, price: €80.00

Imaginative Pleasure – Honey Massage

Honey – nectar of the gods! A balancing massage with natural honey massage oil,
nourishing massage honey, and a soothing heat pack for deep relaxation. The honey is applied to the back, powerfully massaged in with stretching movements and deeply worked into the connective tissue with a special tapping technique. The reflex zones, the metabolism and the circulation are stimulated – the body appears both cleansed and released.

Seezeit: 50 minutes, price: €80.00

Original rituals

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