Activating Muscle Energy – Classic Massage

Customised! A massage that is fine-tuned to your needs in both technique and intensity. Your musculature will be clearly relieved, released and fit once again. A revived and invigorated body feeling will support you as you breathe in and out deeply.

Whole-body massage
Seezeit: 50 minutes, price: €70.00

Partial-body massage
Seezeit: 25 minutes, price: €38.00

Magical Freedom – Head-Shoulder-Neck Massage

An ideal combination that allows your shoulder and neck muscles to be loosened through special massage techniques. The subsequent head massage helps you to shut out the outside world quickly and calm your thoughts while promoting a new sense of long-lasting freedom. You feel relaxed, light and at one with yourself!

Seezeit: 25 minutes, price: €38.00

Grounding Deep Rootedness – Reflexology

Our feet carry us through our life’s course. Pressure-point massage for your foot reflex zones impacts your entire body. The circulation of the foot musculature is improved, the lymphatic flow in the legs is stimulated and muscle tension is released. For new vigour and grounding!

Seezeit: 40 minutes, price: €57.00

Flowing Lightness – Lymph Drainage

Everything flows! In this treatment, pumping and rhythmic hand techniques activate the disposal and fluid system of your body, accelerating the remedy of water retention and tissue settling. A massage technique that helps your body achieve an immediate sense of lightness, new defence and performance strength. For vitality and attaining your personal ‘flow’ in body and spirit!

Seezeit: 50 minutes, price: €70.00

Clarifying Body Purity – Detoxing Massage

To allow your body to radiate vitality! A balanced application made up of profoundly relaxing, diverting massage movements that offer intensive care. Gentle cupping techniques target the promotion of circulation; active substance extracts provide for elasticity and a firmer skin appearance. A cornucopia for natural beauty!

Seezeit: 50 minutes, price: €78.00

Natural Energy Freedom of Movement – Fasciae Therapy and Herbal Stamp

A combination treatment that positively goes ‘under the skin’! Warm stamps filled with medicinal herbs prepare the musculature for this treatment. A harmonious interplay of flowing, circling movements, light pressure and brief warming stimuli gently put you in the mood. The fasciae treatment that follows releases tension and imbalance in the connective tissue. Your overall movability and your well-being improve. For noticeably higher ability, muscle relief and a deep feeling of relaxation. From ‘the inside to the outside’!

Seezeit: 50 minutes, price: €78.00

Swinging Freedom of Movement – Golf-Specific Treatment

Being loose makes you strong! A sport-specific application for preparation and follow-up that takes into account the challenging, complex movements of golf. The combination of whole-body massage and fasciae stretching harmonises the overall balance of the body and also improves the quality of a golf player’s swing. The use of elastic, breathable Kinesio tapes supports the swing movements, promotes circulation, loosens and releases tension. For unrestrained power – with every shot!

Seezeit: 50 minutes, price: €78.00

Powerful Tape Miracle – Taping Treatment

Not a massage in the classic sense, but a genuine blessing! The application of elastic, breathable Kinesio tapes made of cotton promotes circulation, releases tension and supports the lymphatic flow in tissue. For improved muscle function and movability – to a full extent!

Seezeit: 10 minutes, price: €18.00

Powerful Hero – Partial-Body Massage

Power comes from inner rest! A balancing feel-good partial-body massage for small heroes that releases slight tensions and makes your child feel rested. Caresses for the body and soul!

Seezeit: 25 minutes, price: €30.00

Warming Security – Aroma Candle Massage

For small worshippers of light! The combination of gentle massage and the scent of the aroma candle calms ‘boisterous little souls’. The special aroma wax cares for the tender skin of children. A gentle application that stimulates the imagination!

Seezeit: 25 minutes, price: €32.00

Erholsame Bienenkraft – Honigmassage

Eine Wohlfühlmassage für Kinder mit natürlichem Honig-Ingwer-Massageöl und einer wärmenden Bienenwachspackung für den Rücken! Eine besondere Anwendung, die Ihrem Kind innere Erholung und Kraft schenkt!

Seezeit: 25 minutes, price: €32.00


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