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To feel oneself and become aware. Immerse yourself in deep tranquillity. Fill yourself with energy and strength. Find fresh clarity and inspiration for everyday life. All this is combined in our yoga and mindfulness programme. Would you like to gain new perspectives?

Meditation area
“time space”

A place of inspiration, poetry and contemplation.

The "zeit raum" meditation area is located on an idyllic hillside south of the sauna village.

It represents a sensual invitation by artist Katharina Bender to experience time and space in three different ways.

Walken Laufen - Seezeit Aktiv
Meditationsbereich - Seezeit Mental

The middle path crosses the room like a time axis. Here, the focus is on the linear understanding of time. Time runs in one direction – everything seems to be in sync.

The course of life is on the slope side with a steeper gradient. Here, wooden decks seem to float like rafts through a sea of grasses. They emerge from the slope and float above and within the greenery. The whispering of the grasses creates a charming and poetic environment. The seating and lounging decks are perfect islands for daydreaming, meditating or practising yoga.

The small forest in the valley basin has been left in its natural state. It ties in with the Japanese concept of "Forest Bathing" and celebrates the poetic method of walking in the forest: being on the move with an alert mind and finding your own paths. It’s about perceiving nature with every sound, scent and colour. If you look closely, you will discover the golden ’Sterntaler’ coins, that are scattered around like tiny points of energy. and are inscribed with words such as happiness, joy, friendship, love and freedom.

Yoga, Aufmerksamkeit & Meditation - Seezeit Mental
Yoga in der Natur - Seezeit Mental

Yoga & Mindfulness

Our yoga and mindfulness programme takes place as part of our activity programme and follows the guiding principle of "Anam Cara".

This means something like “the soul friend”, because in the spiritual tradition of the Celts it was believed that the soul nestled radiantly around the body.

Just as in traditional yoga and the teachings of mindfulness, everything in the Celtic “wyda” aims to achieve unity of body, mind and soul, harmony and connection with oneself, our inner beauty and the nature that surrounds us.


There is power in the connection to nature and its rhythms. For this special yoga class we took inspiration from “Wyda”, the yoga of the Celts. Guided by mindfulness, the gentle physical exercises are focused on our main energy fields (vital, emotional, mental) and their harmonisation in order to strengthen the natural flow of energy.

Découvrir Yoga-Wyda

For renewed energy in the morning. The individual asanas (postures) are arranged into creative and flowing sequences (flows). Strength and posture, energy and vitality are the focus of the physical yoga practice, which is rounded off with breathing exercises and relaxation.

This class is an invitation to mindfully move from the outside inwards, to let go: with gentle, intuitive movements, awareness of the body and deeper layers is trained. The power of breathing allows the mind to come to rest and immerse itself in stillness during meditation.

For a healthy spine! A very gentle and quiet session that nevertheless also intensively targets the deep muscles. The class is specially designed for a healthy, upright and pain-free back.
The focus is on a moving meditation for the upper and lower back, myosfascial, fascia-therapeutic massage techniques using various fascia-roll elements and carefully selected asanas that focus more on the deep muscles of the body.

Yoga and meditation on a paddle board – for beginners and those who are curious

Our new SUP Yoga classes will take place again. Every Monday and Saturday – if the water is calm and the weather is good – we take our SUPs out onto the lake in the morning to immerse ourselves in a very special yoga experience with Stefanie Dell (SUP yoga teacher).

Most importantly: no special knowledge or previous experience is required. Most yoga positions involve sitting, standing, or kneeing. Curiosity and the joy of experiencing yoga in a new way: these are the most important pre-conditions. You just need to be able to swim safely and have the physical ability to climb back onto your SUP board if you fall into the refreshing water.

After warming up and a short introduction on land about technique and safety, we’re off: together we will paddle to our SUP yoga buoy, which is anchored away from the hustle and bustle of the pool in a quiet spot near the shore, and connect our boards to stay together as a group.

After arriving on our boards, we start with mobilisation and breathing exercises, followed by small flows and simple postures. At the end of the session, relaxation is of course a must – and the feeling of simply being carried by the meditative power of the water.

SUP Yoga as personal training (for 1 person):

90 minutes - € 125.00
60 minutes - € 90,00

Pause and breathe, feel yourself in all your vitality and create space in the body and mind. With the multifaceted treasures of mindfulness and meditation, this programme invites you to experience the invaluable instants when your heart and mind are open to the intensity of the moment.

Want more yoga? Let your stay at Seezeitlodge become your own individual retreat with our personal yoga offer and additional, separately bookable yoga classes. Vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, yoga therapy classes, meditation or pranayama? Are you looking to find peace, recharge your batteries or clear your mind? Your wishes count! Our yoga team will tailor the individual classes to your special needs.

Single session

Basic prices:

Single session 1 person, 60 minutes - € 90.00 Single session 1 person, 90 minutes - € 125.00

Personal Yoga-Packages

Seezeit YOGA – Core session
Individual lesson concept
1 x 90 minutes
1 x 60 minutes

€ 195,00

Seezeit YOGA – Anam Cara
Individual lesson concept
1 x 90 minutes
2 x 60 minutes

€ 275,00

We will also be pleased to create an offer for couples, small groups, early risers, newcomers and more. To make an appointment, discuss your wishes and book an hour designed especially for you, please contact

Let us introduce you Our Seezeitlodge yoga trio! Stefanie Dell, Oliver Li Sai and Jessica Biegel are responsible for our own yoga classes. Each with their own individual yoga background, a great deal of experience, passion and professional training. Look forward to lively classes and especially to our special Seezeitlodge Signature Wyda yoga, inspired by the yoga of the Celts.

We offer yoga as part of our weekly Seezeit activity programme. Anyone can join in, irrespective of age, flexibility and fitness level. Yoga newbies are very welcome. There is something for everyone in our yoga programme.

The meeting point is our Spa reception. Here you will find a registration list. If you would like to eat something before the classes, we would only recommend something small and light, at least an hour before the class begins if possible. Make sure that you drink enough before and after the class.

Choose comfortable, flexible clothing which is easy to wear and allows you to breathe. For the final relaxation phase, you are welcome to bring along a pair of thick socks and a jumper.

Yoga mats and equipment will be made available to you.

With larger groups, we hold the sessions in our house on the lake. Make sure you have suitable clothing for the short walk to reach the house. If the weather is good, the yoga session will take place outdoors. If the weather is good, the yoga session will take place outdoors.

Please inform your yoga instructor if you have any physical issues that may impact upon your yoga (e.g. slipped disc, knee problems etc.) or if you are pregnant, so that alternative movements can be suggested during the session.

Please inform us if you wish to cancel your appointment at least 24 hours before the Personal Yoga with. In case of later cancellation, we ask for your understanding that we will charge the full price.

Highly Sensitive - Workshop for the Soul

Hormone Yoga Retreat “Woman in Balance”

with Martina Bartsch, organised by Martina Bartsch
Bookable: 06 October - 08 October 2023 (Friday - Sunday) under the following link: Hormone Yoga Retreat Woman in Balance (

Yoga Retreat “Chakra Journey”

with Christiane Wolff, hosted by Christiane Wolff
Bookable: 25 April - 28 April 2024 (Thursday - Sunday) under the following link:
Yoga Retreat Chakras Journey at the Seezeitlodge at Bostalsee (

Wyda – the yoga of the Celts

In search of traditional systems that honour holistic health and the unity of the human being with nature: our journey does not have to lead all the way to India.

Even the Druids, the healers and scholars of the Celtic culture, knew a holistic way of exercising to bring body and mind into balance: Wyda. It is also logical to assume that the old age reached by the Druids was partly due to a physical, spiritual and emotional method of exercise.

Our Seezeitlodge Signature Yoga was created on this basis!
Inspired by the ancient teachings, we translate elements of Wyda into an exercise practice that is adapted to our needs and conditions today. Feel free to check out the Wyda dates in our activity programme!

More insight

The teaching of Wyda basically distinguishes between three energy fields:

  • The vital field, located in the navel area, controls the body’s organs and hormonal system.
  • The emotional field in the chest area regulates moods and feelings.
  • The mental field in the head area, between the eyes, regulates brain performance and senses.

Each of these fields is attributed certain essential forces, elements and seasons, special characteristics and functions.

If these three fields are in balance with each other, we can feel our inner strength. If the energetic fields are blocked, health problems can arise. Wyda exercises strive to bring the subtle energies into harmony with each other and to keep them in this harmony.

Wyda is preferably practised in nature or surrounded by natural elements or energy patterns. In this way, we should also be able to connect better with our “true nature”, our core of being.

The exercise programme follows a certain sequence, starting with finding peace and grounding. With the gently flowing yet strength-giving exercises, the whole body is mobilised and strengthened, and body sensitivity is trained.

And as in other traditions, respiration plays an important role as a relaxed companion to strengthen the mind.

The regular practice of Wyda thus leads us, step by step, deeper and deeper into an increasingly subtle feeling for the energies that are at work in the three fields. Leading us towards harmony with ourselves and a sense of connection with everything.

Yoga Team

Yogalehrerin Stefanie Dell - Yoga Team Seezeit Mental

Stefanie Dell

What does yoga mean for you?
For around 15 years, yoga has been my amazing companion and mentor through the most diverse phases of life – and always an important anchor point.

Not only does it help me to stay strong, but it also keeps me clear and focused, curious and full of confidence as I continue along my path.

What do you want to pass on in your teaching?

I am fascinated by the incredible variety and changeability, the power of meditation and pranayama. I would like to pass on a little of what I have experienced myself through my practice: the holistic and transforming effect of yoga, which goes far beyond the physical sphere.

And that sometimes less is simply more. Yoga invites everyone to create their own individual practice according to their needs, in a safe, respectful and loving way towards themselves.

What inspires you about yoga away from the mat?

Nature. Time and again I am amazed by just how varied, simple and complex it is at the same time. In every free minute I can be found outside, roaming through meadows, forests and fields, to be free with my thoughts or just to breathe deeply.


Over the years I have had the privilege of meeting and learning from many great teachers and styles. They have challenged and shaped me, encouraged me to find my own way – and you never stop learning.

Excerpt of training courses:

  • Advanced Yoga Teacher: Vinyasa Yoga
  • Yoga Therapy: Svastha Yoga Therapy Programme
  • Yin and Mental Yin Yoga
  • Aerial Yoga
  • SUP Yoga (from 6/6/21)
  • Pre- and Postnatal Yoga

Off the mat:

  • Graduate in business administration (SP Marketing) and former-advertiser
  • Keeper of an anti-authoritarian garden
  • Big fan of her furry and feathered house and yard inhabitants
Yogalehrer Jessica Biegel- Yoga Team Seezeit Mental

Jessica Biegel

What does yoga mean for you?
A way of life! It helps me to tackle small daily challenges with flexibility and agility in a new way. It teaches me how to get back into my own balance through myself.

It may sound big at first, but anyone can practise yoga anytime, anywhere! The holistic practices (asana, pranayama and meditation) help me to engage with life’s questions of meaning and depth.

What do you want to pass on in your teaching?

I would like to create a space to allow for self-awareness, to look inwards and to meet oneself with complete awareness. At the same time, I would like to convey the joy of exploration, discovery and experimentation. With the holistic approach to yoga, I work on a physical, mental and energetic level and I would like to pass this on with passion, positive energy and sensitive depth.

What inspires you about yoga away from the mat?

Nature, people’s stories, the complexity of our human existence and much more. In order to find my own balance in the chaos of everyday life, I need creative time-outs, for example with my loved one, in nature, by the water or while surfing. I always find my balance in a mixture of stillness and expression in my own personal, individual way.


My teachers encouraged me to listen to the rhythm of my heart, to always remain a student myself and to follow my individual path.

  • Pre- and Postnatal Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda,
  • Vinyasa Yoga (200 hrs)
    Off the mat:

Business Development, Regional Bank
Bachelor of Art – Business Administration with focus on financial services
Delta Cure – energy work
Diversity and different projects vs. moments of silence

Yogalehrer Oliver Li Sai - Yoga Team Seezeit Mental

Oliver Li Sai

What does yoga mean for you?
For 20 years, yoga has represented a way of relaxing and slowing down. I consciously pay time and attention to my mind and my body. Yoga offers me a holistic physical balance to the sports I practise, such as jogging, climbing, surfing and golf.

It allows me to compensate for one-sided wear and tear on the muscles, spine and joints caused by specific sports, and to prevent injuries. I believe that yoga is a highly effective remedy for stress and chronic back pain.

What do you want to pass on in your classes?

I would sum up my guiding principle as follows: “Every body is unique – your body, your yoga”. I encourage my yogis and yoginis to find their inner yoga teacher, to treat their own body with respect and to listen to the signals it sends. Your body – your yoga – that’s my holistic approach. In keeping with the Sivananda tradition, all my classes – regardless of yoga style – include extended meditation, breathing exercises and a deep final relaxation, in addition to asanas.

What inspires you about yoga away from the mat?

To be curious, to use your own heart as a compass, to “do something different”, to change your perspective. I am especially inspired by my wife and children, travels and excursions into the nearby nature, music, sports, books, workshops, conversations and of course – coffee in the morning!


  • Master of Education Geography
  • Master of Education in Sport, focusing on “Training Theory”, “Movement Theory”, “Functional Anatomy”, “Sports Injuries and their Therapy”, among other things
  • Further education trainer at the LPM Saarland “Yoga in schools”,“Teacher health”
  • Teacher at a secondary school in Saarland in the subjects of sports, English and geography
  • Advanced Yoga Teacher: Vinyasa
  • Yin Yoga & Fascia
  • Yin Yoga & Pain Therapy
  • Fascia Training & Pain Therapy
  • Yin Yoga, Meditation and Energy
  • Yin Yoga, Anatomy, Sequences and Meridians
  • Aerial Yoga
Yoga in der Natur - Seezeit Mental - Seezeitlodge Hotel & Spa
Stefanie Dell meditieren vor der Feuerstelle - Seezeitlodge Hotel & Spa


The yoga lodge is one of our signature arrangements. Conceived as a Seezeitlodge retreat under the direction of our qualified yoga teacher Stefanie Dell. The yogalodge always corresponds to the season and invites you to enjoy a relaxing yet energising time. There are varied yoga sessions, meditations, breath work in nature, mindfulness exercises and Celtic-inspired rituals.

Three dream nights with Seezeit culinary delights naturally also include the use of our 5,000 m² Seezeit Spa. The yoga lodge takes place in an intimate, small group and is suitable for yogis with previous experience.


Meditation to go

Simply download and listen!
You will find the corresponding QR code in your room during your stay.
A wonderful place to try out such a personal yoga and meditation practice is our "zeit raum" south of the sauna village.

Here, wooden decks form floating islands - for daydreaming, meditating or practising yoga. Look forward to guided meditations and mindfulness exercises to accompany you during your time out on the decks or in the adjacent grove surrounded by nature.

Meditation to go - Seezeit Mental - Seezeitlodge Hotel & Spa
Meditation in der Natur - Seezeit Mental -Seezeitlodge Hotel & Spa

Forest bathing

Forest bathing sounds esoteric to some, exotic to others, and some regard it as a short-lived trend. For us at the Seezeitlodge, forest bathing is something very natural. Partly because our Celtic ancestors also had a very intense relationship with trees, revering them as sacred and valuing their healing and energetic properties.

Ultimately, immersion in nature under the name "Shinrin Yoku" has been practised and researched in its country of origin, Japan, for decades, and is now an integral element of health care.

"Bathing in the forest air" has, according to scientific studies, many positive effects on the body, mind and soul, and also promotes an increased immune defence.

In our hotel's very own little forest, located in the meditation area, as well as in the woods around the hotel, this poetic method of walking in the forest can be tried out at leisure. The aim is to let the play of light and shadow, scents, colours and textures take effect on you with an alert mind. Forest bathing is an invitation to entrust oneself to the forest and to gain grounding, strength and peace.

During forest bathing, you cover only a short distance, moving mindfully and slowly, breathing deeply and consciously, taking many breaks and feeling the closeness of nature - without directing your thoughts towards a particular goal. Perceiving the sounds and smells of the forest with your eyes closed brings peace to your mind.


Seezeit Spa

Discover wellness across more than 5,000 sqm: infinity pool, natural bathing pond, saunas, Celtic outdoor sauna village and many wonderful places to linger.

Spa treatments

You will find popular classics from the cosmetics and massage sector. We also offer special signature treatments and original rituals.

Yoga in der Natur Jessica Biegel - Seezeit Aktiv


One of our signature arrangements! Experience seasonal yoga sessions, meditations, breath work, mindfulness exercises and Celtic-inspired rituals.

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