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Our location on the Bostalsee makes a few things obligatory. The largest recreational body of water in south-west Germany is the perfect location for enjoying water-sports.

Yoga on the water? Surfing? A pedalo or rowing boat excursion? How about a picnic on a sailing boat? The Seezeitlodge has plenty of ideas for you! And we have a strong partner at our side: take advantage of our affiliation with the S.A.LT. surfing and sailing school – their experts are experienced and enthusiastic instructors, and have all the equipment you will need.

If you are interested in taking part, our Spa reception team will be happy to help you with your bookings and registration!

Switch your yoga mat for a board! Out on the water, body, mind and breath enter into harmony with each other. The connection with the element of water, its movements and its ripples, all accentuate the practice of yoga on the board. All yoga practices involve breathing and balancing exercises as well as meditation. Letting go, attaining deep relaxation, and boosting stamina and strength are the aims of this unforgettable experience.

– Meeting point: Spa reception
– Duration: 90 minutes I Total: 2 sessions inc. footpath route
– Group size: max. 8 participants
– Theoretical introduction to the subject and to safety on the water
– Knowledge of the basics of yoga is recommended

A board, a paddle, the water – and plenty of fun! Stand-up paddling is a great workout for the whole body. It is also a fascinating experience to move across the water while standing up. This sport helps to strengthen your balance and it becomes increasingly easy to stay upright. As you paddle, you will train many muscles.
Are you looking to dip your toe into surfing and develop a feeling for the board and the rig? Would you like to complete a basic course? Or maybe you are looking to refine your technique, refresh your skills or book a private course? Whatever draws you to surfing, here you can really enjoy this exciting sport.
Conquer the waves – learn to sail! You can book sailing courses both with and without a test. Or you can simply rent a sailing boat with an experienced sailing instructor and enjoy yourself on the water of the Bostalsee – with a picnic if you wish.