Your Equinox Gin

Your own gin

The Bar NOX at the Seezeit lodge has been focusing on gin since the very beginning. So it was only a matter of time before bar chief Andreas Wendel created his own highly concentrated declaration of love to his Bar NOX. His gin composition merges Celtic heritage with a creative spirit of discovery. After more than half a year of collecting ideas, rehearsing and designing, the time had come: “Yggdrasil Gin” enriches the offer of our Bar NOX in a very personal way. Traditional production, unmistakable character, small batches – a gin that carries its own region and the character of the Seezeit lodge within it!

What ideas played a role in this?

The concept

The aim was to take up the Celtic theme of the hotel. Our bar is located on the Equinox axis and is a tribute to the natural phenomenon of the day and night equinox on 21 March and 23 September. The constant play between day, night and seasons can be found in Celtic mythology in the tree of life. Trees have a special meaning in all cultures. They become symbols for life and fertility – their special position between earth and the sky serves as a basis for symbolic interpretations.

With our distillate, Yggdrasil takes centre stage as a Celtic tree of life: In Germanic mythology, the ash tree is linked to meanings in a variety of ways. Yggdrasil’s branches hold and support the wide vault of heaven. That is why mythologists see Yggdrasil as the axis of the world: The sky as well as the middle and underworld are connected by the tree of life as a Celtic tree of life.

And how does Yggdrasil fit into our gin edition? As with any gin, juniper forms the basis of production. In our case, the rind of the ash is added to the macerate. Almost all of the other 18 botanicals come from our own herb garden:

– Coriander – Lemon plant – Calamint
– Angelica – Oregano – Rosmary
– Horehound – Wormwood – Hyssop
– Olive herb – Thyme – Orange
– Catmint – Mugwort – Lemon savoury
– English mace – Lemon verbena – Lemon
  • Seezeitlodge Bolstalsee eigene Gin "Equinox Gin"

The distillery

In the heart of Saarland, in the small Lebach district of Landsweiler, we found a partner in the distillery Penth who has been dedicated to the craft of distilling since 1959. In collaboration with the small family business, a gin was created that is fundamentally different from other varieties: It is rough, powerful and profound – with every sip you taste the diverse Celtic character.
The presentation should also stand out from the crowd. The vessel has been surprisingly and inspiringly designed in the typical Seezeit lodge style. Here, too, the tree of life was the focal point: a large real wood root forms the foundation on which the liquid glass was poured and blown. If you take a closer look, you can see the charred spots through the hot casting. A unique specimen, shaped by nature!

The signet

As with the Bar NOX logo, Sabine Wilhelm from the Maksimovic Next agency was involved in the design. For the name of the “Equinox” gin, a symbiosis was created between the existing logo of the bar and the location on the day-and-night axis. The name “Yggdrasil Gin” was chosen as an independent categorisation for the gin. The abstract round logo is a minimalist representation of a tree of life – it can be found, among other things, in our seaside SPA. The design was finally implemented by the company VGS from St. Ingbert-Rohrbach, who carried out the engraving.

The cork

The cork was designed by Claudia Grewenig from Saarbrücken and, together with the ash leaves, forms the end of the tree of life. The passionate goldsmith has been creating unique pieces of fine metal, precious stones and pearls with her own personality for over 25 years, from the first drawing to the finished piece of jewellery.

We hope you enjoy tasting our Equinox gin – the elixir of life.